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Why Men Ignore Women?

It is not a new thing as to why men ignore women. There are many reasons why men ignore women in some relationships especially when they have been together for a long time. 

When a woman feels ignored, she will feel that she is being neglected and not important anymore. Usually, this happens when the couple is already few months in relationship. Women often complain that their man is not giving them as much attention as they would like. 

Sometimes, the reason may be the woman being over sensitive. But if you are sure that he is really ignoring you, then it should be time to do something about it. 

It is not only the man who is at fault but the woman too. Why men ignore women is somehow related to what the woman had done in the relationship. Sometimes, subtle actions may come on too strongly for the man to accept. 

For example, saying “I Love You” too early in the relationship can scare the man away if he is commitment phobic. He might think that the woman is tying him down too early and will not have much option if the relationship did not work out. 

Other things that can turn him off include calling him too often that interferes with his other activities can make the woman seem too troublesome and not giving him respect and privacy. These are just some common reasons why men ignore women. 

Perhaps, you can sit yourself down and evaluate the situation. Have you been too pushy and rushing your man to commitment? If so, then you have got to the root of the problem. If you have read the book by Dr. John Gray, titles ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, then you can have a clearer guide on evaluating how the two genders communicate. 

It is better to have a rough idea on how to approach this problem instead of just asking him to talk about his feelings. Men are not known to openly expose their feelings and emotions and it is a possible reason why men ignore women instead of talking about the problem. 

You can give him space, alter your actions and see if it helps. Remember that by altering your actions cannot give you an overnight change in him. You can be cool and let him be. He will feel less pressured and trapped in the space between the two of you. This is virtually an effective way on how to win his heart back.  

Once he is comfortable, he may open up to you. Another way is to change your viewpoint of your relationship into a friendship. See him as your best friend and you will find that you will act differently. 

This is not a million dollar corporate project. This is mere just to understand why men ignore women and you are free to try techniques to save your relationship. You do not need to let your man know that this is a mini project you are doing to renew the passion in your relationship. 

Will he ever want me back?  If that is the question that is pondering you, it is believed that by not letting him know will be the best way to let nature takes its course to help him get out of his shell.   In the meantime, it is also important that you understand why do guys pull away in a relationship at this point of time.

So, do not worry, and trust yourself that you are doing your best to fix this relationship problem.

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