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Why Do Guys Pull Away In A Relationship?

One of the most popular questions which leave every woman wondering: Why do guys pull away in a relationship? At one moment, you were spending some quality time with a guy, only to leave you all alone the next moment because he seemingly has too much work to do and so busy that he just couldn’t find the time to call you.

You might think that he’s so in love with you that such an overwhelming feeling would scare him, causing him to stay away from you. Such logic is wrong altogether.

He’s obviously pulling back due to one of several reasons, and being overwhelmed by your love just doesn’t fit the list. Going through the list of problems would most likely get you to the root itself. Tackle the problem at the root to solve this problem entirely.

One of the reasons guys pull away in a relationship is because they’re feeling trapped with little room to breathe. When a woman is in love with a guy, she can’t resist the urge to scream her heart’s contents on a rooftop, pronouncing her new found love.

If she doesn’t do that, it’s very likely that she’ll end up telling him right to his face that she’s in love with him. If a guy has not told you how he’s actually feeling, chances are high that he’ll just run away from all this. Once a relationship has made good progress, a woman would move to question the guy on what his actual intentions are.

To put the words in simplified manner, she wants to know the guy if considering a marriage. The pressure felt would cause most men to create a distance from her, both emotionally and physical room.

The next reason guys pull away in a relationship is intimacy. Most women would think that all a man desires is intimacy. In reality, men and women are very much on the same page when we deal with the subject matter on intimacy.

If you sleep with him too soon, at the start of the relationship, he’ll be making up some assumptions in his mind, assumptions which are not really pleasing. He might jump to the conclusion that you’re behaving the same way with all other men you’ve met. Women often make this mistake due to the misconception of myths revolving around how a man’s brain works.

Next up on the list, guys pull away in a relationship due to desperation from the female counterpart. If you’re calling him too often, he might just stop calling you from then on. Men do not enjoy the feeling of being pursued at all.

Men do not feel comfortable when someone questions them about what they do and how they’re spending their time. He might have promised to call you, but did not. There is no point in making a scene just because he forgot something he promised to you.

Who knows, he might just be testing your reaction in such a situation. Quit complaining and stop calling so often. He might just lose the interest he has in you.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of why do guys pull away in a relationship, it is important that you avoid all those causes and understand why men ignore women as well as stop mumbling that "I reget breakng up".

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