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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You?

Not many people can fall in and out of love easily without having hard feelings. Feelings cannot be controlled, but only suppressed. However, suppressing our feelings, especially bad ones like hurt, anger, envy can lead to irrational judgement.

When a woman falls out of love, she too, may go through a sad period to get over her ex boyfriend. Now, if you are facing a break up, make sure you are clear-headed. Once you are very sure, make an evaluation of your ex boyfriend.

If the number of his good habits outweighs his bad, then you may consider the worthiness to get him back. We have good news here because, here are some ways to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Some men are easily distracted by temporary attractions. They may think that breaking up with you and going solo as a single will give him more chances and choices to the mass of women out there. Your challenge is to make yourself stand out as someone special and not just any woman out there.

Here are 3 ways to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

The first method is to cut out all contact with your ex boyfriend. During the early stages of a break up, the man will usually go all wild to celebrate his single-dom. This will only last a short while and he will start to get bored once the party is over.

Once his fun and celebrations are over, he will start to get the feeling that he is missing your presence. That is when he will begin to make contact with you by picking up the phone.

Now, don't make this easy for him. Instead, make this a lesson for him to learn that he cannot get all his wants in life, that easily. You are not a thing, like a doll nor a sports car that can be easily obtained with money. You are an individual and not obliged to stay around to wait for him until he needs you. Your life can still go on without him and not pulled into a halt.

When he tries to contact you, give yourself some self-respect and ignore him. Make it natural, or just make yourself really busy so that he cannot blame you on ignoring him on purpose. By not being available for him to contact will make your ex boyfriend miss you.

Secondly, don't talk or make any contact with your ex boyfriend's friends and family. They are just another way for him to get information about you and your whereabouts.

By cutting out your contacts with these people, you place yourself ahead of the game and it is a way to make your ex boyfriend miss you and to make him regret leaving you. This is also a way to cover the effects of the break up on you and avoid having more people to talk about it.

The last method is to go and focus on you. You need to spend time with yourself too. Go fill up your schedule and do things you like to do but had put off doing it due to procrastination.  By living your life fully and contented, you will naturally be a happier person and it is believed that you should be able to attract your boyfriend again.

A happy person has a glow in them and this will definitely make your ex boyfriend miss you even more when they happen to bump into you. You should make him know that your life is getting on well and busy.

Make him think that you are able to put the break up aside and if it is possible, you should make him regret losing you as well. He will regret it and will try to get back to you.   Besides, it is also vital for you to understand why men ignore women while making him missing you.

Then again, people change over time and circumstances. That is the future and getting back into the relationship depends on the new you who will be making the decision.

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