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Make Him Regret Losing You
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How To Make Him Regret Leaving You?

Breakups are not the nicest event in anybody’s life. It bring tears, anger and hatred. Sometimes, people will go all the way to hurt their ex for the break up without going through and evaluate the situation with a rational mind. 

Some of you girls will hate your ex-boyfriend and there are some of the tricks you can pull to make him regret leaving you. 

Sometimes, girls will be the victim in a relationship break up as they are the one who gets dumped by the man. You have two choices, either to get him back or move on. 

Getting the man back is easier than forgetting the past, though it may be a better choice. We are human and memories are hard to erase just like that. We are not robots nor do with have a switch to reset our memory. 

Taking the steps to make him regret leaving you after a break up may seem like a cruel thing to do and out evil act. Actually, hurting him and make him regret leaving you may do you good and can even bring him back to you. 

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Here are some things you can do to make him jealous. 

First, maintain your confidence. If possible, be even more confident and stand out. Make your presence felt and increase your charisma. That shows that you can still pull your act together even when there is a break up. 

Show him that you are somebody and not just any girl who will typically breakdown, wail, cry and beg at his knees to get him back. Showing him that you are strong will make him thinks that he needs to win your attention instead. 

Next, you need to focus on yourself. Why bother crying and be in sorrow of the break up while you can use the time to make yourself better? In simpler words, that is called self-love. In order to love someone, you need to love yourself. When you love yourself more, then it will show that you deserve more love thus raises your bar of expectation of what you expect from a potential lover. 

If he contacts you at first, you ought to reject him. Many men take it for granted that they can easily melt their ex-girlfriend heart simply by saying soppy things and most of them thought it is the way on how to win her heart back. 

By rejecting him will make him think twice about his sincerity about getting back to you because you showed that you are clear minded and not easily moved by words. It will make him regret him leaving you and hence putting in more effort into getting you insteading of using the same old techniques his male counterparts have shared with him. 

If your boyfriend is pulling away, you should avoid him at all cost and if possible, make yourself disappear. Not the magical way, but you may go away to some suburbs or just cut out all contacts from him. Give him the reason you need space and some time to be away. Use the time to focus on yourself and decide if your relationship with is worthwhile. 

While you are away, it will probably drive him nuts because everything seems to have no answer to him. He will be more prone to chase you down for an explanation and this could be one of the ways to make him regret dumping you. 

The more difficult to reach you, the more he will be driven by his pride to get you back. Make him regret leaving you by showing yourself to him your new found confidence and happiness after the period of your disappearance. 

It will make him regret leaving you and will definitely have only one goal, that is to get you back. 

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