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How to Win Her Heart Back - What to Take Note?

As people makeup and couple up, others are breaking up and moving away from each other. It really is a painful cycle of life, but it is nevertheless a cycle indeed.


So when you are left alone to watch the woman you love walk out of your life, it isn't a wonder why you'd end up down in the dumps with no motivation to do anything else. So what you really should be doing is bring her back into your arms and into your life. 

Consequently, the question is; how to win her heart back? Well, stop worrying and pick yourself up, because you're going to chase your girl down and win her over once again.


The very first thing you should keep in mind is that she was once the closest person in your life. Hence, she probably knows you really well and knows your ways of doing things. With this, it would be wise to not mess with her mind by playing mind games with her as she might figure you out and label you as untrustworthy and dishonest.

What you should do is be totally and completely honest and sincere and show her that you really do appreciate her. Since breakups are usually hard to deal with, be there for her and do not let her walk alone. 

Furthermore, to win her heart back, you should think about what made you lose it in the first place and how to get her interested again. Was it something that you did or that you did not do? Was it all the constant bickering and arguments? 

Women are driven by their emotion, so a big part of them act and react according to the way they feel. Hence, if you hurt her emotionally, she would most definitely walk away. So show your woman that you care and that you love her and she would come back to you.


In addition to that, call her occasionally and see what she has to say. Instead of having a phone conversation and conversing through emails, ask her if she'd like to meet for lunch or something then spend some time with her without getting intimate. While munching away, make sure you not only hear what she has to say but listen too. 

This would show her that you are genuinely interested in her thoughts and ideas. Also, when it comes to a suggested topic, ask for her opinion and show her that you value her thoughts as much as you do her ideas. Let her feel that you can indeed change for the better.

In conclusion, you ought to stop asking yourself or your close friend how do I make her want me again.  Instead, you must believe in yourself that you can win her heart back with simple changes.  

The thing is that you have to make sure you are persistent and can keep up with those changes before making a commitment.  

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