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How To Get Her Interested Again?

Just because you have broken up, there is no law in this universe that says that you cannot be deeply in love with your ex girlfriend again. Most men would tell you that once you have broken up, there is no way that you are getting your ex girlfriend back. 

So, how to get her interested again if you still love her very much and would like to get back together with her?

Fortunately, regardless of what came in between the both of you in the first place, getting back together is not something impossible. The trick here is to know how to get her interested in you again. Once you have get your way back into her heart again, she would even be more in love with you, more than back when you were still a couple.

First, understand that women view breakups differently than men. To get her interested again, you have got to give her some room after the breakup, no matter how strong her feelings are for you at that moment. There is no point in forcing her to talk to you. 

The more pushy you are, chances of her being annoyed with your actions are greatly increased. Do not even bother sending her gifts and flowers. She would think that your gifts and flowers are merely your offer of bribe to get her back. Give her a couple of weeks off, for her to get the room she very much needs after the breakup. 

She would need the time to get over all those feelings and emotions which came with the breakup. Get a hold of all your urge to contact her during this period. This means no calls or even text messages.

Once the cooling down period is over, you will have to start getting her interested in you again. Show her that your life still goes on despite her absence. No man should ever put his entire life on hold, all just for one woman. It would be a major turn off for her if she ever found out that all you have been doing over the past couple of weeks is sulking over your breakup. 

She would find you more charming if you were out having some fun instead of being depressed over your breakup and crying over spilled milk. 

You have to show her that you are mature enough to handle the emotions that came with your breakup. The last thing she wants from you is desperation. Get on out there and have fun with your friends.

Get some mutual friends to help spread the words to her of what you have been doing since your breakup. This is one of the effective ways of getting back the woman you love.   Upon hearing the news, she might come to the realization that she is on the verge of losing you forever. 

Being on that edge, she might not be able to accept the fact of losing you, thus drawing all her attention towards you. At this point, her interest in you should be at an all time high. By then, you should be able to make your move on her without much difficulty or any form of obstacle. That is basically how to get her interested again. 

As long as your have managed to get her interested again, you can plan ahead for your next few moves and do not screw up the advantage that you now have. 

By now you must know things that you ought to do on how to win someone back after a breakup instead of asking your close friend how do I make her want me again!

how to get her interested again

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