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How to Get Back The Woman You Love? 

If you are a man and you are feeling miserable after your break up, chances are you are still not ready to accept that your ex girlfriend no longer wants to be part of your life anymore. 

Having feelings about your ex girlfriend means that you still love her and definitely wants her back into your life. You are in luck now, because in this article, we will share some tips on how to get back the woman you love back to you. 

When a relationship falls apart, both parties are at fault because it is like clapping your hands. No one can clap with one hand nor can they argue with themselves. So, the first step is to sit down and acknowledge your faults that had contributed to the break up. 

It is easy to become bitter and resentful for anyone to reflect the incident because they are replaying the whole scene and it can trigger the same emotions that had surfaced during the break up. If you are replaying the scene in your head to recognize your own problems, then you must remind yourself not to let your emotions control you. 

After recognizing your faults, you need to learn to let it go and forgive yourself. Understand that you are human and that you are not perfect and can make mistakes. After you had forgiven yourself, you will find that you are more forgiving and accepting to accept your ex girlfriend. 

This is the stage where you are more at peace and genuine. When you are genuine about your feelings, chances of you asking for forgiveness from your ex girlfriend will be more sincere. How to get back the woman you love is always by genuine sincerity and honesty. This is the method that never fails because it is the truth spoken from the heart. 

The next method on how to get back the woman you love is by distance. This means that you need to respect her space and freedom especially when your ex girlfriend says she needs time.  If you are always around, she will take your existence for granted. In the worst case, she may even get annoyed by you if you keep calling her. Be confident of her that she will be alright to spend time on her own. 

You must be wondering how to get back the woman you love when the method is teaching you to keep a distance from her. The thing is, giving her some time and she will realise that she’s missing you being around her. In the beginning, she just need to be alone and be a temporary ‘single’ woman because she probably felt suffocated in the heat of the argument with you. 

Once she gets her space and take some breather, she’ll start thinking about you. This method on how to get back the woman you love back seems a little odd, but doing something opposite like this do works. 

Lastly, you should play it cool. Be calm and wait for her to contact you. Don’t overdo it by being dramatic like sending flowers, advertising on newspapers and billboards to apologize to get her back. It will embarrass her more and drive her away. 

Your goal is to find the right way on how to get back the woman you love. So, follow the above methods and now, just be around when she calls you. She most probably miss you from your long absence and will want to get back to you.

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