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What to Do When Your Girlfriend Says She Needs Time?

You both are doing great. Yesterday night, the two of you had an enjoyable time together but suddenly today your girlfriend says she needs time. Questions start flooding your mind and you are left quizzical about her decision. 

Does it mean she had long thought of breaking up with you? Was it something you did or something you said that had offended her and finally went over her limits to tolerate with your behaviour? 

It is normal for you to get worried when your woman starts distancing herself from you. When your girlfriend says she needs time, it indicates the beginning ‘crack’ to the foundation of your relationship. So, the sensible thing to do is to find ways to fix it and learn how to stop a breakup.

Be understanding when your girlfriend says she needs time. You can do so by agreeing without demanding for an answer. Assure her that you are around and display a strong front even if you feel like holding her tight and not let her go.

Besides, she just needs some space alone. If you hold her tight and not let her go, she will feel suffocated.  Don’t think that by giving her freedom will make you looked like you don’t care about her. You have assured her that you will always be around when she is ready to come back. 

When your girlfriend says she needs time, she might be bored being in a relationship. By agreeing with her to let her have her space will make her more than happy. Then again, if you are part of her life and you had done nothing wrong but to agree to wait for her, she will still remember you in her heart. 

Once she had her fun and freedom being a temporary single, she will soon miss you because you are still part of her life. That’s when she will come back into your life. 

Give her the chance to experience life without you as she had requested. She will soon find that your absence makes her heart fonder and this could form part of your strategy of what to do when your girlfriend needs space. Usually, when your girlfriend says she needs time, she probably had some tension and stress in the relationship and needs to get away. Impress her by being the grown man by not flying into rage or beg at her knees. 

You are old enough to spend a few weeks on your own. Get busy and use the time to do things that you had always wanted to do but not done. Polish yourself up and give her a surprise when she comes back into your life. She will be even more attracted to you for being such a selfless soul to improve yourself for her.
So, just treat it as a holiday that the two of you needs to be separated. While your girlfriend use the time to clear the mess in her head and all her related problems. Meanwhile, you too can use it to do useful activities like catching up with your old friends and exercising.

When the two of you gets back together, you will feel that your relationship had just been rejuvenated and livelier. Don’t be surprise when the two of you fall deeper in love with each other.

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