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Ex Girlfriend Wants to Be Friends

So, a little while after your breakup, you find out that your ex girlfriend wants to be friends with you. Most guys who’ve been through a breakup could only pray for a second chance with their ex girlfriends.

Sadly, girls do not see eye to eye with their guys in this subject. These girls would prefer to have their ex boyfriends as close friends after the breakup, nothing romantic altogether. It won’t be easy for guys to remain strictly friends with someone they love.

On the other hand, being friends with an ex girlfriend isn’t too bad at all, considering that you’re at a way better position than having to steal glances of her from a far away distant. Being friends could in fact position you close enough to her, so that you could make your move to get her back in the near future.

When your ex girlfriend wants to be friends with you, don’t let your emotions get the best of you at that moment. Having her as a friend is nothing close to having her as a girlfriend, you’ll have to stay alert all the time so that you don’t get these two totally different levels of relationship mixed up.

You might not be able to handle the emotional aspect of being a pure and simple friend at the beginning. By being friends, and in this case being a normal friend; you no longer have the freedom to express your feelings without restraints, you can no longer hold hands, and no kissing at all! This is definitely something you’ll have to get used to if you were to remain her friend.

On a positive note, being merely friends with your ex girlfriend certainly has its advantages when your girlfriend wants to leave; you’re still part of her life in a way, and you could still spend time close to her, though in a way that you might not be comfortable with initially. Since your ex girlfriend wants to be friends for now, you should take the time you now have to place yourself as a neutral friend while you try to win her heart slowly.

You can have all sorts of plan cooked out without her knowledge; the trick here is to carry out these plans in a subtle manner without triggering her attention. Take things one small step at a time, otherwise you’d be putting your friendship in jeopardy.

Your ex girlfriend wants to be friends with you because she still cares for you. You could play this to your benefit and learn how to get her interested again. However, you’ll have to respect her wishes though. One you’re a friend in her life, don’t get overwhelmed by greed by asking for more.

Instead of wanting more from her, you should be gunning to win a place as her best friend.  Lend her your support whenever she needs it, and always be there for her especially when she’s down.  Quit asking her to get back together with you, and try not to bring up your past when you’re with her even though your girlfriend says she needs time.

There’s certainly a chance for you to get back together when your girlfriend wants to be friends, you’ll have to play along for the time being.

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